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Welcoming Visitors


Welcome to Cando Enterprises.

Welcome to London. I'm John Taylor.

Meeting someone you don't know

1. Patricia Murphy?


Hi, I'm Kevin Chen of Myotex Industries.
Welcome to Taiwan.

2. Are you Mr. Blanks?

Yes, I am.

I'm Jane Placid. (We talked by telephone.)
Welcome to Sydney.
It's nice to meet you in person.

Nice meeting you too.

How was your flight?

Okay, but very long.

3. You must be Ms. Terius.

That's right.

It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Brad Wilson.
Welcome to Suntech.

Thank you

Did you have any problem finding this place?
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Using Tense Appropriately in Business Descriptions

Use simple past tense to describe something that wholly occurred at a specific time in the past:

I graduated from NYU in 1998.
NOT: I have graduated since 1998. (That's when the ceremony occurred.)

I finished the Hollins project last week.
I have finished the Hollins project last week. (Specific time)

Use present perfect tense to describe something that has been in effect from a certain point in the past until now. Be careful! Some verbs are used for specific actions; others are used for conditions that cover lengths of time.

I met Mr. Flinders last year at a Convention in Little Rock.
I have met him since last year.
I have known him since last year. (Specific time)

Use simple present tense to describe facts.

I work for IBS Corporation.
He's a sanitation engineer.
I am responsible for orienting new employees.
She answers company correspondence.

Use present progressive tense to describe ongoing projects.

I am developing new software.
She is teaching the hearing-impaired.
We are building a new mall in East Heights.
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Terms of Payment

I'd like to pay (in) cash.

I'll put it on my credit card.

Can I charge it?

Could you put that on my bill?

Could I put that on my account?

Could you send me an invoice?

Could you bill me (for that)?

Can I put it on lay-away?

May I

Pay in cash

Pay by check

Pay by credit card

Pay with a credit card

Pay in installments

Pay in one lump sum

Could you deliver it to my office?

Do you charge for shipping?

Do I need to pay for postage and handling?

How long will it take?
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Please . . .

Would you . . .

Could you . . .

Would you please . . . .

Could you possibly . . .

Would you mind (V+ing) . . .

Could you do me a favor?


Could I ask you to . . .

Would you mind if I asked you to . . .

Would you be so kind as to . . .
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Would you like some coffee?

How about a glass of water?

Here. Have a/some . . .

Would you like one of these?

Can I get you something?

What can I get you something to drink?
No thank you

Yes, please.

Sure. Thanks.

Okay. Thanks.

I really shouldn't.

No. Thanks anyway.

Juice would be fine.


Would you care for some . . .

Would you like to try . . .

Let me offer you . . .

Let me get you a/some . .
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